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No matter where you're getting married, it's important to think about the right type of décor to complement your ceremony aisle. Although your space may be breathtakingly beautiful on its own, adding a few simple upgrades (or bringing in your own bold decorations) will transform anyone's space into one that is uniquely yours.


There are plenty of ways to add your own personal touch to your ceremony aisle, but the trick is finding a look that feels right for your venue but also says something about your personal taste. A stylish aisle is easier to execute than you think, too. An aisle of ombré flower petals is modern yet still romantic, while budget-friendly ribbons can add a hint of whimsy to your garden party soirée. Love the look of fresh flowers lining each seat but hate the cost? Choose brighter, larger blooms and place them every few seats to make a statement without breaking the bank.





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